1. Rules:

1.1 The race will be governed by the ISAF rules, Sailing Competition Rules – Windsurf Competition Rules (WCR);
1.2 The rules of the IFWC class
1.3 In case of conflicts between notice or sailing instructions, the rules of the sailing instructions apply.
1.4. In cases of language conflicts, English is valid.
1.5 collaborative authorities: ABWS (Brazilian Windsuf Association), Brazilian Navy, FAVM (Alagoas Sailing and Motor Federation)

2. Headquarters

The venue of the event is at the Praia Dourado Hotel in the municipality of Maragogi- Alagoas

3. Advertising:

Competitors must display as advertisements provided by the organizing authority, under penalty of compliance with rule 20.9.2 of the world authority

4. Eligibility:

4.1 The race will be open to all sailors registered with their associations or sailing entities in their country.
4.2 All Brazilian athletes must be even with ABWS 2021 annual fee.

4.3 The following divisions will be played: Male and female

4.3.1 Open formula
4.3.2 Junior up to 22 years old
4.3.3. Senior 23 to 39 years old
4.3.4 Master from 40 to 49 years old
4.3.5 Grandmaster 50 to 59 years old
4.3.6 Veteran from 60 years old
4.37 Formula sport: all ages (sailors who have never participated in official championships.
4.38 Formula Experience One Design (open)
4.39 Lightweight, up to 75 kg

The division by age requires at least 3 sailors to validate a division, migrating to a higher class in case it is not formed.

From a race the championship will be validated

5. Registration procedure:
5.1 Competitors from other countries must make payment on the day of the event, in cash, with the fee related to the day on which they performed the registration act (according to item 6).
5.2 National competitors must deposit in a current account of Apolonio chrisostomo de carvalho: at Banco Sicredi (Banco 748) ag. 2205 account: 52577-4, Cpf 33246874468 or by Marcelo Guimarães Machado: Caixa savings bank. 104 Ag. 0840 cc:. 60798-2 operation 013 (savings account), CPF: 059200754-57
5.3 Fill in the online registration form and attach the receipt at the end, either deposit into bank account or transfer. >> LINK HERE
5.4 At the event, Cash or local online transfer.
5.5 Entries will be accepted until 5 pm on October 20.

6. Fees

6.1 Until September 23: 300 brazillian reais.
6.2 from September 24 to October 14: 350 brazillian reais.
6.3 from October 15 to October 20: 400 brazillian reais.

7. Programming

October 20:
registrations until 5 pm.

October 21 to October 24

9:30 am: Meeting with the race committee
11 am Possible start of the race procedure (4 races a day) at the Maximum.

October 24

Last Possible signal of starting procedure as 15 hs

7 pm Prize delivery

8. Equipment and promotion:

8.1 Must be completed online on the form: composed of a board, 3 keels and 3 sails, with their marks and sizes until the 20th of October at 5 pm.
8.2 It will be necessary to identify the sailor by the first 3 letters of his country followed by black numbers on a white background according to the WCR.
8.3 The recording can be made at any time in the championship.

9. Sailing instructions
9.1 It will be held on the beach in front of the Praia Dourada hotel in the municipality of Maragogi- Alagoas
9.2 The climatic conditions found in the period are an ambient temperature between 30 to 32 degrees Celsius with a water temperature between 26 to 28 degrees Celsius, with a wind of 6 to 20 knots.
9.3 Course: Course racing, available on the notice board in the championship area. Any changes will be announced on the notice board.
9.4 Discards will be 1 discard with 4 races, 2 discards with 8 races and 3 discards with 12 races.

10 points:

10.1 It will be in accordance with the rules of the WCR appendix A.
10.2 A total of a maximum of 4 races day.
10.3 A single race will validate the championship

11. Awards and titles

11. 1 The first 3 places in each class (male and female) will be awarded
11.2 the Brazilian titles of the 2021 open windsurfing formula championship, of champion, vice champion and third place will be given to the first, second and third places respectively. male and female

12. Official ceremonies

12.1 Participants will be asked to participate in the social functions of the event, as well as participate in official ceremonies
12.3 Competitors participate in the event at their own risk and responsibility, see ESCR 4. Race decision.
12.4 The organizing entity or its official representatives², sponsors and their representatives do not need liability for material damage, personal or third party physical damage or injury, as well as death, before, during or after the championship.

13. Right to use name and image

written competitors may have their names or images with sports or social content disclosed, as long as the discretion is respected.

14. Additional information.

14.1 Travel

14.1.1 Travel 1- The nearest airport is in Maceió: Zumbi dos Palmares, 128 km from Maragogi.
14.1.2 Trip 2 – The second airport is in Recife (Recife international airport), 120km from Maragogi.
14.1.3 Tap has direct flights from Lisbon to both airports.

15. Accommodations
The recommended hotel is the Hotel Praia Dourada (Championship Location), website: hotelpraiadourada.com.br, with special conditions for sailors. Online booking.
It will be allowed to stay in any other hotel in the locality.

Hotel Praia Dourada

Maragogi- Alagoas- Brazil

Budget Period 20 to 24 October 2021 (in Brazillian reais)

Breakfast fee:

Lateral luxury apartment (double) 615.00 reais per day
(triple) 800.00 reais per day
(quadruple) 1000.00 reais per day

Half Board (Breakfast and Dinner)

Side luxury apartment (double) 715.00 reais daily rate
(triple) 950.00 reais per day
(Quadruple) 1200 reais per day

2 children up to 5 years free

The reservation will be made directly by e-mail from the Hotel (reservas@hotelpraiadourada.com.br), emphasizing that it is the price of the championship or by telephone +55 (81) 3424-4545
https // www.hotelpraiadourada.com.br